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ACM Committee

President:  David Farlow (, 021 027-01698)

Chairperson: David Howden (, 021 627-201)

Treasurer: Megan Simpson (

Secretary: Helen Gard’ner

Harrier Delegate: Brent Register

Cycling Delegate: Andrew Curtis-Cody

Auditor: Graeme Tindall

Athletics Masterton (Incorporated) was formed following an amalgamation of the Masterton Athletics, Harrier and Cycling Clubs. 


The committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

New Constitution (Draft)

New legislation covering all Incorporated Societies requires that we amend our constitution to ensure compliance.

A draft revised ACM constitution has been prepared taking into account the requirement of the new legislation, the existing constitution, ensuring the new draft conformed with our custom and practice and clarifying any current anomalies, and any other issues common in comparable constitutions.

The ACM committee will bring this draft (with any amendments) to the 2023 AGM for approval.

Financial Support Guidelines

These guidelines assist the ACM committee when club members seek support at Provincial or National level.

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